Build Drupal 8 Websites up to 4x faster- Using Cohesion


Empowering less technical people in your team content authors, marketers, designers to build websites faster and cheaper, giving developers more time on building complex features and new integrations.

Yes, Acquia Cohesion is a low code set of tools built for Drupal that lets you create and launch websites 4x better. It helps quickly create and modify Drupal websites, layouts, and templates using intuitive drag and drop interface.

Cohesion was built with the vision of enabling people who may not have years of coding skills to be able to build and manage sites. It drastically improves time-to-market for developers and empowers non-technical users to play an active role throughout the life cycle of a website. Some basic understanding of website concepts is all that’s needed to begin assembling your very own site.

Take aways from the session:

- Live demonstration of Cohesion and the experience for developers, designers and site builders.
- Demo Key features of Cohesion Smart page building, Intuitive editing, reusable components
- Tag your components in drupal with GTM and reuse

Experience Level