What's new in Droopler 2.0


Droopler distribution is among the most popular Drupal 8 distributions. It is created to allow users to build business websites fast and brings the most modern standards to the corporate web development. Component based, Droopler gives a lot of power to editors to create compeeling wesbites and landingpages quickly. Droopler is also still very much Drupal. It is built using the most often used modules and the most standard approaches not to force users down custom code alley.

In this presentation I will present Droopler in detail, discussing in particular all the changes in the 2.0 version which update Droopler to use the best of what Drupal offers.

This session is for you if you:

What to know what Droopler is and/or how to use it
Are looking for a way to build websites much faster then using the standard approach od Drupal development
Are looking for a way to empower your editors with the best tools
Are curious what Droopler 2.0 brings